No Daylight – Proposal (First draft)

The brief we were given for Techniques and Processes 2A said that for this module we would have to create a series of images which would rely entirely on artificial light. When we shoot in daylight we tend to consider factors like shadows, shape and form more but we are also limited by the weather conditions as well as the position of the sun. At night however we can view the same subjects differently when they are only illuminated by street lights/other artificial light. For this module I am thinking about using people as my subject as I enjoy portrait photography and concert photography/event photography. I enjoy doing concert photography but music is a big part of my life, been listening to rock music since I was a kid because my dad would play Iron Maiden/Metallica/Green Jello around the house and that lead into the music I’m into now. Music has a way of taking you back to a time/memories and allows you to remember moments more clearly. For example whenever I hear A Day To Remember – Downfall Of Us All it reminds me of being in venues with my friends waiting for bands to set up as it’s played in a lot of venues when nothing is going off on stage. Working in a dark environment can be difficult as you don’t have much if any available light to use but I’m used to working with very little light in concert photography and changing my cameras settings appropriately for the environment. I was thinking of taking the bands out of the context of the stage and either having them in a context which would suit their genre and look or the exact opposite, putting them in a context which doesn’t suit them at all. I plan to work in colour on my digital camera and the photos will be taken on location rather than in a studio. The people who would be interested in my images would be the people in the photos themselves as they could use them for promotion for themselves and fans of the bands I have photographed.

One publishing possibility could be the venue themselves might use the image in advertising events or previous events wether it be on fliers or on their own blog/facebook page.

Another publishing possibility would be music magazines if it was for a large band or  a large venue they could be interested in using some image to go along with an article about the event. For example if  they’re going on about something that happened in the night such as the drummer having chance to do a drum solo they could use a photo that i’ve taken to accompany the text.
Here are some examples of images I have taken recently in the venue The key club in Leeds: (These images were shot using the Nikon AF-s 50mm f.18 lens)


Your Illuminations


No Devotion

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