Studio Practice 2A proposal draft 1

The brief we were given for studio practice said that we are to research an plan a conceptualised set of images at a pre-organised Location. The idea we need to come up with should be as exotic and ambitious as possible . For this module is wish to work in the genre of portrait photography. The images I intend to create will be inspired by fairytales/fantasy themes, I think this will work well for the subject brief we have been given as it will allow for me to think of multiple different concepts for my images as I have a lot of sources I can use to help inspire ideas.For example: Snow white, I could have my model have really dark hair, pale make up with red lipstick and blush to give them rosy pink cheeks holding an apple near their hands. Alternatively I could have my model laying on the ground with the apple rolling away from their hand. I’m probably going to do a mix of fairytales which already exist and ones I’ll make up which fit more with things that are likely to happen in our current time. The photos I wish to achieve will be over the top fantasy looking as last year I already went down a more dark route and I want to do something different this time.I plan to work in colour on my digital camera for this project. The people who I think would be interested in my concept would be people who enjoy fairytales as it would allow them to possibly picture the scene from the book more clearly or in a different way to how they imagined when they read the book.

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