The Challenge: Word & phrase

Today we were given the challenge to choose a number between 1-185 and we had to write the number down, this number corresponded to a number on the following slide. The word I got was Silliness. Then we had to choose a number between 1 & 35 which then on the following slide corresponded to a phrase, the phrase I got was “And they all lived happily ever after”. The word was then to be used as the title for my images and the phrase was to be subject matter for the images.
Before thinking about what I could do for my images I decided to look up synonyms and words related to silliness. Most of my ideas involved using people as the subject but I could have used objects.


I like this image as it very silly just as the title of the images would have you imagine it should be, the subjects also look very happy about what they are doing which leads back to the phrase. I like how the columns in the image create a frame for the subjects within the photo.

I tried to see if changing the image from colour to black and white changed the message behind the image. In black and white the image doesn’t seem as happy and cheery as the original coloured image. Black and white images are also viewed as serious.


I like this image because it has captured the movement of my subjects and they appear to be having fun while being silly. Once again the columns frame the subjects in the image.

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