Night photography attempts

I tried to do a various amount of different subjects when experimenting with Night photography.

I like image because of the shadows around her eyes work well with the pointy hood she’s wearing as the shadows look like a bandit/superhero mask and I feel like it works well with the clothes the model is wearing. This photo was taken outside the O2 arena in leeds using lighting available outside. 

I like this image as the grass I’ve shot my image through sort of frames my subject and it gives my image an unusual look. This image was shot a little further down from the O2. 

I like this image because of the purple lighting on the cars as you are unable to see where the purple light is coming from because of how the image was taken. The cat in the front is already a nice blue colour but the purple light catching on the front works well. I think I could have improved this image if I had taken the image slightly closer to the cars to avoid all the grass around them. The purple light gives the image an unusual atmosphere which makes you feel a little uneasy as the subject is two cars and their is no sign of their owners or anyone walking around.

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