To start with we were working with flash guns on the camera.


This image was taken with the flash on full power. using it as this power has flattened the subject so there is no definition between them and the background.


ISO: 200 f/11 1/125 sec0


ISO: 200 f/8 1/125 sec


ISO: 100 f/8 1/125 sec


ISO:200 f/8 1/125 sec


Later on we learned how to work with flashguns off of camera and how to correctly put them on to stands, we also learnt how to use umbrellas with the flashes. We metered the flash as our main light source in all of these images and set our aperture according to the meter reading.
In this image the flash was on 1/8 power so you are just able to tell on the left side of the subject that a flash has fired as his face is more illuminated on this side.

In this image we changed the power of the flash by moving it up 2 stops. (You can see the umbrella creeping in on the corner of the image)
In this photo the flashgun was on a stand with an umbrella positioned on the right side of the subject which means that her face is more illuminated on the right side which also has available light coming in from the window she is stood beside.

This area was very dark to shoot in and the only available light was coming in from the window and corridor on the left of the subject. We placed the flash on the left hand side to help light the subject, this has allowed for half of her face to be illuminated while the other half is in shadows.

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