Test shoots/location Ideas


This image shows one of the characters I was thinking about including in my project, a cute, colourfully dressed witch. I didn’t particularly want to go for the typical scary witches everyone is used to so I decided to make a cute looking witch to put a spin of things. This photo is not on location, this was just a character test. In the next shoot I don’t think the cat will be involved as we will be at a location she is not used to and she is hard to work with as she wriggles around as she isn’t fond of my camera. (Character off of Rissy Horror’s OC which can be found here)



This is another character test not on location. This character is a broken doll, I said in my first proposal draft that I wanted to make the characters over the top bright colours and sweet but I think I might do the exact opposite and go a bit darker with this character. I’m thinking of editing some photos so that it looks like she is holding her own own limbs as they’ve snapped off.


This character is based on an game/anime character called Kanato Sakamki who is a vampire. I decided to use this character instead of the typical gothic looking vampires who have black hair and dress in all black. I like this image because of how the light behind the subject has created an outline of sorts to separate them from the background. I feel the background works well, I really like how the lights are reflecting in the water. 


I am particularly fond of this image because at first you just think my subject is sleeping before noticing that they have fangs. I also really like how the light is catching on the subjects hair and hand and the collar of their shirt.

DSC_0599.1DSC_0607.1 These photos were taken at Ilkley moor. It was rather windy and late when I went out there so I wasn’t able to take many pictures but this is just location I’m thinking about including.

The below images were taken on my phone so they’re not the best quality. There images were taken at Malham, when we were out there it was really foggy and getting dark.



I think this would be a good location for the with character as it looks like a little hut hidden in the middle of nowhere which could be seen as her home. 

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