T&P Final proposal + first shoot images

The brief we were given for Techniques and Processes 2A said that for this module we would have to create a series of images which would rely entirely on artificial light. When we shoot in daylight we tend to consider factors like shadows, shape and form more but we are also limited by the weather conditions as well as the position of the sun. At night however we can view the same subjects differently when they are only illuminated by street lights/other artificial light. For this module I was originally thinking about using people as my subject as I enjoy portrait photography but after some thought I realise my original idea wouldn’t work so my new idea is to work with dolls in various locations with various types of lighting. The dolls I will be working with aren’t the usual dolls you’d think, they’re Living Dead Dolls. I think the dolls themselves are interesting and they all come with different back stories of how they died all in the form of poems, for example the one for Hush goes:

“Shy little Hush thought rats were so pretty,
So it was her good fortune she lived by the city.
It was easy to sneak into the sewer each night,
To offer her pets a cheesy delight.
But one silly slip landed Hush on her head,
It was right there she drowned and the rats were well fed.”

I could use these back stories to help with what sort of location or lighting techniques I could use to light them, some of them come with props so I would also try to include them in the images whenever possible. For this project I will work in colour on my digital camera as it will allow for the different light colours to add dramatic effect to my images and black and white might take some of that away.



I really like the lighting on this image especially how the orange light hits the side of the subjects face. The subject itself is unusual looking but the blue and orange lights just add something to the image. I also added a slightly more blue tint to the image to make the subject appear more cold against the orange lights.



I really like the way blue light hits the subjects eyes and how warm the orange lights make the bottom half of the image appear and how nicely they catch on the edge of the axe.



This image was just an experiment in using spot colour. I’m quite pleased with how it looks. The image looks a lot more creepy in black and white as it allows the blood to be more prominent around the eyes. 

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