Test shoots + new character

With the weather being so bad recently I haven’t really been able to do many shoots. These a few images that I managed to take on Wednesday when the weather wasn’t so bad.


This is a steampunk character so I had to think of a location which would fit the character well as it would look weird if I shot the subject dressed like this in a modern looking area. The location we used is the industrial museum. I really like this image especially the use of line, I also really like the way the wind has caught my subjects wig and has caused a windswept look.


I like this image because of the lighting on the subject and the reflection on the goggles as one of them is really dark looking and the other is nearly completely whited out. The only thing I feel affects this image is the litter at in the corner which I tried to edit out but it didn’t look right as I used to big a brush on the clone tool.


After receiving some feedback on this image I have realised that the green on in the background to the side of my subject is distracting so I would need to push that back if I wished to use it as one of my final images.


I took on the feedback from last time I showed my test shoots and had my subject try a more crazy looking expression rather than a normal smile. There’s more light on my subjects face this time as I used my speedlight.


I like the posing of the model and the lighting on this image.


In this image I tried to make it appear like the subject was leaning back from the edge of a rather tall building to show that they’re not exactly sane. The image is rather dark so the subjects dark clothes begin to disappear in the background and there’s no real clear separation from the subject and background.

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