Photographer: Anna Gusarova

I like Gusarova’s image because of the overall look of the image and how cold it appears because of the blue tint the background has. The suspended apples in the image are also interesting to look at, I like the mix of the warm red from the apples and the subjects clothes/make up combined with the cold blues of the background. This image also gives me ideas for locations and how I could create something similar to the apples in my images. using a strong thread I could hang things around my subjects and edit out the strings if they’re visible in the images.


Photographer: Dianna Cornielle


I like this photo because of the use of props such as the red paint on the paintbrush as well as the paint bucket next to the flowers which is a link to the part in Alice in wonderland where she helps the cards paint the queens roses red. I also like the smokey atmosphere of the image as it adds to the fairytale/fantasy feel.

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