Research – Studio Practice

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 09.55.42

Photographer: Anita Anti

I like this photographers work because of the amount of thought she has put into how she wants her final images to look for example with this image she probably edited the hearts closest to the lens and they’re blurred as not to distract the eye too much from their subject. I also really like how much thought she’s put into getting across the character she’s trying to show like the image above is supposed to be the queen of hearts and you can tell this because of her red dress and the cards on the dress and this is backed up by the crown and small white hearts all over the image. The location she has used also makes you think back to the scenes in the animated & Tim Burton adaptations of Alice in Wonderland where she is playing croquet.

I also like this set of their work because once again they’ve put a lot of thought into the location and little details which allow you to work out which character they are trying to get across in their images. The photographer has made a video of behind the scenes of  the shoot which can be found here. Its interesting because in the video her dress looks a lot lighter than it does in the images and it also looks a lot lighter outside in the video so it makes you think of what she could have done to make her image appear like that in the final image.

This is another couple of images that I like by Anita Anti as I like how the cards look falling down in front of the model and how creepy the location they have chosen looks but it fits the subject of her images. This video shows you how she managed to get the cards to fall like that in the image and how the back of the subjects skirt is held out like that. The video also helps me think about how I could use something similar in my own shoots for example instead of cards having fake snow fall down in front of my subject.


These are another 2 examples of Anita Anti’s work that I like. I like how in the first image her subjects hair doesn’t really look natural, the parted sections to me look like octopus legs for some reason. I also like the way the hair is going away from the subject as it leads you either up or down the image, the “spider webs” also hint to us that the subject has been there a while. I like the second photo because it gives me ideas on what I could do in future shoots like using circular lampshades and lights to create glowy orbs in images, I also like how the light is on the subject and the clear separation from them and the background.

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