Studio Practice Research

I enjoy Annie Leibovitz work because of the way she goes about creating her images. She takes a photo with all the basic props that she will need for example the crocodile head and then take her image and manipulate it so the character her subject is dressed as is in the correct environment. Just looking at this image you wouldn’t think that the photo was taken at another location and then heavily edited. For this series of photos she is focusing on Disney characters. In the image below she has photographed Russell Brand as the character Captain Hook from Peter Pan.

Russell Brand Appears as Captain Hook in New Disney Parks Dream Portrait by Annie Leibovitz

WHERE EVERY MOMENT LEAVES YOU HUNGRY FOR MORE — In an image by acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz unveiled today by Disney Parks, Russell Brand stars as Peter PanÕs arch nemesis, Captain Hook, narrowly escaping the jaws of the hungry crocodile who has chased him for years. The new ‘Disney Dream Portrait,’ commissioned by Disney for their ongoing celebrity advertising campaign which debuted in 2007, is one of two new images unveiled today. The tagline reads, ‘Where every moment leaves you hungry for more.’ (Annie Leibovitz for Disney Parks/Disney

BTS of Russell Brand as Captain Hook in New Disney Parks Dream Portrait by Annie Leibovitz

BEHIND THE SCENES WITH RUSSELL BRAND AS CAPTAIN HOOK — In this photo taken November 3, 2011 near Newhall, Calif., actor Russell Brand poses for acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz as Captain Hook from Disney’s Peter Pan. The new Disney Dream Portrait, commissioned by Disney Parks for their ongoing celebrity advertising campaign which debuted in 2007, is one of two new images unveiled August 1, 2012 by Disney Parks. The Leibovitz image, which will appear in several fall magazines, is entitled, Where every moment leaves you hungry for more. (Scott Brinegar/Disney

Behind the scenes video 

Despite all of her images in this series not being taken on location the way in which she has edited them doesn’t appear fake or unrealistic. I really like this image as the models hair aswell as the horses mane and the front leg being up gives them image a sense of movement. Another thing I like about Annie Leibovitz’s work is that the colours are still natural looking and not boosted over the top.


Photographer: Annie Leibovitz

By looking at Annie Leibovitz’s Ursula image you wouldn’t have thought it was all shot just in a studio. I also like the way that they actually made the tentacles a prop instead of just editing them in as this allows the shadows to be cast on the models as well as on the tentacles themselves making them look more realistic.

Disney Dream Portraits

In this illustration released by Disney Parks, Queen Latifah portrays Ursula the Sea Witch from the animated film “The Little Mermaid,” as part of Disney Parks’ “Let the Memories Begin,” campaign created by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. This portrait is one of the latest to be commissioned by Disney, which debuted the series of celebrities set in Disney fantasy settings in 2007. (AP Photo/Disney Parks, Annie Leibovitz) NO SALES

Annie Leiboviyz’s work shows me that I don’t always need to actually take my photos on the location as I can edit my subject into a background as long as I am able to blend it without it looking fake.I could look at tutorials of how to create fantasy looking portraits and how to add a image on top of another and how to get it to blend.

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