Studio Practice: Harley Quinn shoot

This shoot is based off of Harley Quinn from the Batman Game, Arkham night. Heres a photo of what Harley looks like in the game. I’ve used the game for reference for the sorts of locations you might see the character in and the kind of posing she might do.

The outfit the subject is wearing is entirely made by her, including the wig. The wig was made by combing two wigs and styling it to make the ponytail parting to look natural. The coloured tips of the ponytails was made by drawing on the wig with sharpie as its able to stain the fibres and allows the coloured tips to appear more natural. The outfit took about a month to complete in total and it was originally made for comic con.


I’m unsure about this photo because of the angle in which it was taken and the pose of my subject. I think the lighting works well on it and I really like the deep dark shadows which have been cast. The pose the subject in doesn’t allow you to see the other ponytail (its like the red split ponytail but black) which is a key point to the character.


I like this image because of the location (interesting background) and the lighting on the subject,the only negative thing is that it doesn’t show off much of the subjects outfit and the fact I’m unsure if its as sharp as I would like due to me using an ISO of 1600 so its a little grainy but this could work well with the type of character that she is.


The background on this image is interesting but the image itself is rather dark and there seems to be a lot of light coming in from the right hand side of the image. If I was to do the same image again I would use my flashes so that there is more light on the subject.


I like the lighting in this image as well as the posing but I’m unsure if I would use it for a final image.I really like the lighting effect in the top right of the image but I feel like that could be a little distracting and draw the eye away from the subject.


This is another image I like but am unsure about using as one of my final images. The light in the bottom left corner is distracting and I don’t think I would be able to do anything to dull it down without effecting the image over all, it has been caused by the lights in the floor next to the mirror sphere.

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