Cinematic effect test

In the second image the image had the contrast removed using image adjustments and upped the amount of cyan within the image as it dulled down the red and made it less in your face. I then turned the fill to 76% on the image. I also added noise to my image to make it appear more grainy a film like.


I tried the same thing with this photo as well as adding a heavy snow overlay on top of my image. I’m unsure if it works as well on this image as it did on the Harley one. I think it didn’t work as well because I didn’t allow that much of a cyan cast on the image as it made the image very blue.


DSC_1079 copy

To achieve this image I reduced the contrast and used the colour balance to up the amount of cyan in the image, I then added some noise to distort the image.


I don’t think the process worked so well for this image, its a little too grainy looking and still looks really blue but it has dulled down the green behind the subject quite well.

DSC_1171 resize

I don’t think the effect worked well for this image either but it has pushed back the orange/reds of the image and has turned them green.


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