Jack Skellington Shoot – Studio Practice 2a

The subject put together the outfit and did their own make up, they also made the bow tie like the one Jack Skellington has in the movie.

Snow overlay can be found here

DSC_0107 resized

I am proud of how this image turned out. This image was created by having a blue light  taped to the wall behind the subject and a torch being held in front of the subject to illuminate the face but not too close that it cancels out the blue light. I then added the snow overlay over the top of the image using the screen option and turned down the fill of the layer but it also added a slight white tint to the image. To capture this image in such a dark environment I used my Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8 lens.

DSC_0163 resize

The blue light can still be seen behind the subject but I used flash so its not strongly illuminating them. I increased the cyan in the image and changed the curves of the image to make the highlights brighter and the shadows darker. The snow overlay is the same as on the previous images.

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