Museum & Galleries

On the weekend I went to the impressions gallery and media museum to look at the new galleries they had on “Jerwood/photo awards 2015” & “Revelations – experiments in photography.


Impressions Gallery, image is slightly blurred as it was taken on my phone.

I went along with my sister who is an artist, this was interesting because I got to hear what she thought about the images as an artist and was able to have discussions about the images together as we went around.

After viewing all of the images in the gallery we discussed whos work was our favourite and we were both fond of Tereza Zelenkova’s work. All of her images were in black and white mostly of woodlands and stone structures. I really liked the image she did of a tree with a jesus in a cross inside it so the tree grew around it, it was framed with what looked like branches which made it stand out to the other images in her sets which were framed or boarder less. A few of the image sets I didn’t understand until I read the descriptions on the walls.


Gallery 1 


Gallery 1

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.26.05

Segment from National media museum showing the sort of work which is on show in the galleries. 

After we had finished looking around the impressions gallery we headed to the national media museum to look around the new exhibition they had on. This video explains about the exhibition. I preferred gallery one compared to gallery two as gallery one was about capturing movement although gallery two was interesting. I really liked the bullet through objects and explosion pieces as they were interesting to look at.

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