Dazed & Confused Magazine research

(Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images on this post, Credit has been given to the photographers and the locations in which I have found the images)
Disturbia by jeff Bark for Dazed and Confused (Novmber ’13)

Jeff Bark is known for his Fashion and press photography. I enjoy Jeff Bark’s set of images because of how unusual they are. The white contacts give his subjects a ghoul/zombie like look, the pale skin and dark make up add to this look.



I think this is my favourite image of the set because its interesting to look at. Theres a woman who appears to be dressed as a maid with hand shears for gardening wearing high heels which would be impractical for gardening work and theres a mother pushing a pram with a cigarette in her mouth. The mothers dress and pram have the most colour in the image which makes then stand out the most. 

You Make Me Feel Hyper Real by Pierre Debusschere for Dazed and Confused (Octorber ’13)


I like this image by Pierre Debusschere because of the bright colours and textures of the image as well as the posing. I also like the fact that the subject isn’t posed in a typical normal way and how all the colours work well together. It looks like the subject was photographed against a white background and then edited onto the blue-green background.


I like this image by Pierre Debusschere because of the interesting background of the image. It looks like the image was shot on some kind of set or an abandoned location and then edited on photoshop to add whales into a “tank” behind the subject. 


Virgin McQueen by Richard Burbridge (November ’13)


The outfit the subject is wearing in this image is very fairy tale like in the way that its very princess/ royal looking, the hair style also looks very princess like but the make up however looks very day of the dead. The make up contrasts with the rest of the images princess like feel.



I prefer Richard Burbridges on location images as his subjects outfits work well against the greens of the locations he has chosen. Using the two models together within the same image with the contrasting outfit colours 


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