Final images

Jack Skellington

I am pleased with how my Jack Skellington photos have come out and how cold they appear because of the blue tint to the images. The blue backlight on the first image allows for the subject the stand out from the background and the snow overlay looks better on the dark background. I like how on the second image the string holding up the candycanes is hardly visible.

Harley Quinn 

I tried to push back the red in these images, you can’t really tell the red has been pushed back here but on the print the red isn’t as vibrant as the pictures. The reason why the subjects hands look red compared to her face is because when we did the shoot is was cold out. On the print the shadows on the first image are quite a bit darker than the digital version.

Original Steam Punk Character

I like the subject posing in both these images and the fact that the dark areas of the photo have a blue tint to them and how much the red wig stands out against the backgrounds of the images. Out of the two images I prefer the first one because of the use of line in the image and the posing, I also like the depth of field used in the image. The foreground is out of focus while the subject remains sharp.

Kanato Sakamaki 

I’m unsure if the images work with the others as a set because of the fact they’re landscape but I liked these images of the character. Out of the two images the first one is my favourite because of the lighting on the image. I like the highlights on the side of the subjects hair and the way the subjects has been illuminated by the flash making the subject stand out from the background. On the second image I like the posing of the subject and the location used as it fits well with the character and the lighting has given the stairs an eery glow.


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