Final Proposal – Studio Practice

The brief we were given for studio practice said that we are to research and plan a conceptualised set of images at a pre-organised Location. The idea we need to come up with should be as exotic and ambitious as possible. For this module I wish to work in the genre of portrait photography. The images I intend to create will be inspired by fairytales/fantasy themes, I think this will work well for the subject brief we have been given as it will allow for me to think of multiple different concepts for my images as I have a lot of sources I can use to help inspire ideas. I feel like I will use not the typical innocent characters for my shoots as they appeal more to me compared to sickly sweet innocent characters. I originally planned on sticking with characters that are well known and making the colours over the top and sweet. The characters I have chosen to use are from different fantasy worlds like The nightmare before christmas and the DC universe (Batman) apart from 1 which I have created myself (The steam punk character). The images I wish to achieve will still have a fantasy look to them but they won’t be as innocent as typical Disney princess inspired images, the colour may still be slightly boosted to give them a cartoon like appearance. I plan to work in colour on my digital camera for this project. The people who I think would be interested in my concept would be people who are into unusual characters as well as fairytale’s as the characters will be taking inspiration from similar themes. People who like cosplay images may also like my images.

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