Martin Wong – Studio Practice research

Martin Wong does travel,fashion, wedding, fantasy and sci-fi cosplay photography. I mostly like his fashion, fantasy and sci-fi cosplay images.


Photographer: Martin Wong

I like the above image because of the way is been edited together. The model was probably shot laying down on a table and then later edited on to the background in photoshop or another editing programme, I like the floating books and what they add to the image.


Photographer: Martin Wong


Photographer: Martin Wong

I like this image because of the contrasting colours, the warm sand against the cool water, I also like the fact this image doesn’t mainly focus on the subject but the environment around them.


Photographer: Martin Wong


Photographer: Martin Wong

I like this image because of the reflection in the subjects goggles and light reflecting on their cosplay armour, I also feel like the smoke behind the subject works well against the subjects red hair. The pose is also appropriate for the type of character they are dressed as.


Photographer: Martin Wong

I like this photo by Martin Wong because of the colours and how it looks like the models armour appears like its glowing, it gives it a lava like appearance. The subjects eyes also look like they’re glowing orange, this was probably edited on so that it matches the armour. The greens, blues and purples of the background work well against the warmth of the subjects armour.


Photographer: Martin Wong


Photographer: Martin Wong

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