Nosferatu and VictimDSC_0695

1/100 sec f/1.8 ISO:800

I like the shadows on this image, the way they make up most of the vampire’s (Nosferatu) face so that only one eye is really visible. I also like the contrast between the white foreground of the girl and the dark outfit on Nosferatu, I also like the strong shadows both of the subjects have cast around themselves. I feel like the torches light has worked well for this image as it has allowed the true colours of the subjects to stand out.



1/30 sec f/1.8 ISO: 800

In this image a torch and halloween pumpkin lights were used, the pumpkin lights are the reason behind the orange tint to the subjects and the shadows. The torches white light has pushed back the orange pumpkin lights, the torch has lead to the dolls eye socket shadows to appear more blue in colour. There is a nice amount of depth of field on this image, the subjects face is in focus as well as the hand holding the axe but not the axe itself which means that is isn’t distracting from what I want to the focus of the image to be which is the dolls face.


1/30 sec f/1.8 ISO:800

In this image the same lights were used, the torch was just moved so it wasn’t shining directly on to the subject which has allowed the orange lights to be more prominent in the image and a blue light has been moved more closer to the subject which has washed out the subjects natural skin colour. I think the lighting on the top image worked better but the angle the photo was taken at in this image works better. I like the depth of field on this image as like the one above I like how its focused mostly on the subjects face while the axe in the foreground is out of focus. In this image you can see the background in more detail which isn’t necessarily bad thing but I prefer how in the top image the subject is clearly lifted away from it because of the lighting.



1/125 sec f/1.8 ISO:800

In the foreground of this image there is a rat figure which is out of focus because of the use of depth of field and the fact that I focused on the subjects face as I feel like that is the most important thing about this image. The orange pumpkin lights were used on the left side of the image but they seem to have little effect on the subject as the torch has been aimed directly on them. The lighting really allows you to see the paint job on the doll and allows you to see the true colours of the doll and how pale it actually is and the blue tints to its skin.


1/125 f/1.8 ISO:800

This is another image I like, I like this image because of the shadow and the orange colour cast it has from the pumpkin lights and how the areas around her eyes appear more sunken and dark in colour compared to how they look in the first image. I prefer this image over the top one because it looks creepy which fits well with the type of doll they are and how they are usually viewed by people who have never seen or have heard of the brand “Living Dead Dolls”.

Lizzie Borden


1/125 sec f/1.8 ISO:800

In this image the subjects eyes look rather creepy, they look so bright because of the torch used as the main light source. You can tell the pumpkin lights have been used as you can see orange light bouncing off of the background and you see it slightly in the shadows on the dolls face.  There is a nice use of depth of field on the image which allows you to focus mostly on the subject instead of the axe that they are holding in the foreground.


1/100 sec f/1.8 ISO:800




1/50 sec f/1.8 ISO:800


1/40 sec f/1.8 ISO:800

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