Outside of projects work

On the 19th of January I went to see Motionless In White at Leeds University- stylus. Its one the few places that actually allow cameras to be used, they however don’t allow you to use flash which is fine with me since I don’t really use mine in concerts anyway whenever I can avoid to. All these photos were shot using my AF-S 50mm f/1.8 lens and no flash, they were then later edited in photoshop.


1/500 Sec f/1.8 ISO:3200

This image has been hardly edited, the levels may have been changed slightly but thats it. This is how it basically looked straight out of camera, I have decided to leave my watermark on these images as I have shared them on the internet before now on my page and on tumblr.


1/320 sec f/1.8 ISO:3200

The original version of the image was very pale and washed out so I decided to darken the image by using levels and curves, I have left the mic stand in on this image as its his mic stand so I didn’t see why I should remove it. I really like the colours in the background of the image and how well this image turned out considering how much smoke was on the stage at the time. This image has become my most popular photo I have shared on my photography tumblr.


1/320 sec f/1.8 ISO:3200

On this tour Chris seems to have a thing for doing clown inspired make up but the Leeds date was the only night of the tour which he had Emily Clayton do his stage make up for him, I’ve been a fan of her work for a while on facebook so I was happy to hear that she was the one who did the make up. He has one red contact in on the eye with the diamond but no contact in the other eye, his eyes are naturally dark but it looks like his eyes are black.

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