Possible final images

The dolls I have used are called Living dead dolls they each come with their own little “back stories” (death certificates & clipboard poems). In this set of images I have tried to interpret these stories to create a thematic body of work.


Lou Saffire

Death certificate poem:

He died by the flame,

But has returned.

His clothes quite cool,

And souls will burn


1/160 sec f/2 ISO:1600

The fire in the background of these images was created using a hexi stove and fuel tablets. In the above image only one fuel tablet was used whereas on the image below two fuel tablets were used as I felt like the fire wasn’t as large as I would have liked or as spread out. To make sure I could get the doll quite close to the fire I had someone hold it by its feet/legs to prevent the risk of the doll falling back onto the fire. I tried to link the images back to the poems that go along to the doll as best as I could, in this case the line in the poem I linked back to was “He died by the flame,”.  I prefer the bellow image as it allows you to see more of the dolls outfit and you can make out his devil tail more clearly whereas on the above image it is just hinted at.The colours also appear more natural looking on the second image, I like how warm the background appears on both images however and the posing of the dolls makes it look like he appeared from the fire.


1/200 sec f/2 ISO:1600



Clipboard poem:
She arrives at your door
Wearing a mask of deceit
For what lies underneath
Is her Halloween treat


The location I shot this image was front door, you can’t really tell in this image thats where its shot but I liked the lighting. To create the yellow glow behind the doll I used my phone torch and to make sure the front of the doll was illuminated too I used a flashlight which helped pick out the detail on the dolls face such as the eye sockets. The doll also has a mask with eyes but I decided not to include it in the image and instead had her hold her halloween basket which links back to the line “Is her Halloween treat”. I also like how the torch has brought out a highlight on her dress.



Death certificate poem:
This little troublemaker made a deal,
Signing in blood was the seal.
Upon delivery, Hell’s bells rang,
Possessed by a demon is Wolfgang.


In these images I have placed the doll in a woods like environment as I felt like it fit his clothes and appearance even though his poem says nothing about woods. The top image has made the doll appear really pale but the blue around his eyes and red scratches upon his face are still rather vibrant and stand out, you can’t really tell about the background but it means that you’re not distracted by the doll by the background. In the below image the leaves in front of him have been illuminated by a blue torch which gives them a creepy glow and the rest of the shot has been illuminated using a torch from a distance to create an even spread on the image, he’s not very distinguished from the background apart from by his colouring and slight shadow.




Death Certificate poem:

Upon her nightgown
Its long black claws did latch
So allergic, her breath stolen
With a single scratch


The lighting used on these images were created by using a torch in front of the doll and a blue torch placed behind the doll to create a blue glow around the bottom of the hair and through the nightgown which is quite thin. I made sure that the cat figure that comes with the figure was attached to her nightgown like the line “Upon her nightgown” indicates. The cat was attached to the dolls dress in the lace by its long claws and placed it in the position so her eyes are actually looking at the cat.I also made sure that the scratch marks on the doll were clearly visible, the lighting used also allows you to see how pale/washed out and chapped her lips look.




Clipboard poem:

Shy little Hush and her pet rat Shriek.
Dwelling in the sewer, these two are sure to reek.


In the bellow image I like how the blue light illuminates the leaves as well as the side of the rats face but the front torch light hasn’t illuminated the front of its face and body as well, in photoshop I also removed some of the saturation in the image making the colours less vibrant. The top image allows you to see more of the doll and allows you to get a better idea of the location which the doll is in but the below image allows you to use your imagination more for the location of the doll. I thought the wall and leaves would work to create some idea that she is in the sewer without actually having to visit a sewer.




Death Certificate poem:

She missed the ones
Who had left her,
So she held her breath
Until true blue.
Soon she was to find out
This simply wouldn’t do;
These antics became a bore.
Craving her beloved dead,
She drank a cup of bleach
And laid down in her bed.


Out of these two images I believe that the posing on the bottom image is better as it looks like a more natural sleeping position where as the above image looks like she’s staring at the ceiling wide awake, she is also wearing her hat on the above image and I doubt many people go to sleep wearing a hat like that. The line from the poem my images are inspired by is “and laid down in her bed” as this gave me a location for where to place her. In the below image her hair is all over her face which I feel gives the image a more natural look because no one’s hair is exactly perfect when they’re sleeping. The doll was illuminated by using a blue light from the side and a LED torch quite a distance away from the subject to create more even lighting. The blue light works well with the blue on the doll and the atmosphere which I wanted from the image, her name is blue so the more blue the better in the image to really drive the point home, the fact the pillows and blanket is slightly blue to begin with also helps.



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