Outside of college opportunities:HND in Music (performance)

A while back I had to opportunity to photograph some students while they did their performance,I swapped between my AF-S 50mm f1.8 & my 18-55mm VR lenses before settling on using my AF-S 50mm f.1.8 for the majority of the photos. These are a few of my favourites I managed to take during their performance.



I like this image even though its from the side and not of his face directly on as the image is very emotive. I had to use the clone tool to remove any distractions around the subject to make him the only focus of the image. The blue light works well in this image as it clashes with the pink light also in the image. The blue light has given the shadows a slightly blue tint. 



I really like this image as I managed to capture all three of them playing with a look of concentration on their faces. I also like the lighting on this image and how the person in the front of the image has been illuminated by from the top by a yellow light while still been illuminated from the side by the blue creating a nice contract in colour, the blue light may have washed out the colour in the people on either side of him but they are still visible. The blue light also highlights the creases in their clothes nicely. 


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