Studio Practice 2B proposal

For this module I wish to look into portrait/fashion photography mostly based around cosplayers. I have chosen cosplay as my subject as my subject because I like cosplaying myself and enjoy seeing people being their favourite characters, for some people becoming these characters makes them feel more comfortable and allows them to come out of their shell. There are a few issues which surround cosplaying such as body shaming, sexism, racism & consent, cosplayers sometimes will even face bullying because of the character they are cosplaying or the fandom they are from.

  • Body shaming

This is when people will say to people that they shouldn’t cosplay a character because they are too “fat”, “skinny”, “tall”, “short” etc. for the character which is complete and utter rubbish, people should be able to cosplay who they want regardless of their body shape or height.

  • Sexism

This happens when people say to others that they shouldn’t cosplay as a character which is not the gender they identify as. This also sometimes occurs when people crossplay (take a character and swap the gender and change the outfit to make it suit the other gender better)

  • Racism

This is when people say to others that they shouldn’t cosplay as a character because their skin colour is different and quite recently there has been the debate on if its wrong for people trying to make themselves look like characters by painting their skin or changing their eye shape by using tape causing a double lid. I personally don’t think its offensive as most of the time people do it because they love the character and want to be as accurate as they possibly can but thats just how I see it.

  • Consent

This is a big thing in the cosplay community at the moment as some people think that just because someones cosplay is revealing that they are okay to be inappropriate such as touching others. Cosplay is not consent.


My aims for this project are to achieve visually interesting images which will show the cosplayers characters in an environment which fits them well. I will look into other photographers who focus on cosplay and look how to create interesting images in photoshop such as editing backgrounds and adding props which weren’t there originally. I may even consider collaborating with an digital artist to help me create interesting images which look realistic. For this project I will work in a digital format in colour unless to cosplay requires me to work in black and which, for example the character is from a manga (A style of Japanese comic books & graphic novels which are typically aimed at adults as well as children) . The images will mostly be shot on location when possible.

The target audience for my images will be people who are interested in cosplay or fans of the characters/franchises the cosplay is from. With cosplay their isn’t really a distinctive age range because anyone can do it and enjoy no matter how old or young they are because people are able to adapt characters to fit them. The sort of images I wish to produce are the kind of photos you would find in magazines which feature a cosplay section such as NEO or MyM.

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