T&P 2B Proposal

For this unit I wish to look into protrait/minimalist photography with a selective colour element, the images will be based around movies and will hopefully look like potential movie posters. I have chosen to base my images around movies because I am a huge fan of film and how they are created and the effects they use, I find it interesting to see how they create the final product and what has actually gone into creating it. I wish to use selective colour/spot colour because I’m a very colourful person and I wanted to try working in black and white but still have some colour in there. Some people think that spot colour/selective colour is outdated but I’ve seem people wanting minimalist movie posters for their walls which aren’t very colourful and only have a select few elements in colour so I wanted to try achieve something similar but through the use of photography.

My aims for this project are to create images which could be used as posters for movies/theater productions, I will conduct research on photographers who use selective colour in their work as well as look at minimalist posters which others have created and use them for inspiration for my own images. I will work in a digital format in colour as well as black and white and will be mostly shot on location with a plain background to allow me to edit them easily in Photoshop and select the areas I want in colour.

The target audience for my images would be people who are interested in the movies I have chosen to represent/people who enjoy selective colour images. They could also be targeted at people who like minimalist images. I think the images I wish to produce would work well as prints or posters, aiming to be in a gallery.

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