Testing new compact Camera (Canon Powershot G7 X)

I recently purchased myself a Canon Powershot G7 X compact camera, I got this camera because its small enough for me carry with me everywhere and its able to shoot RAW (20 M file size) images and has a manual option allowing you to change the aperture you shoot at.  It has a flip-up screen which is also touch screen allowing me to choose the focus point and to shoot from angles I normally wouldn’t be able to with my Nikon D3200. The video/audio quality is also pretty amazing and will be great for when I want to do any recordings while I’m out and about. All of the below images are straight off the camera all I did was convert them to JPEGs from RAW.

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When I was looking for a new compact camera I was looking at the video quality and this camera was the best from what I’ve seen and while I was looking I was also watching Scare Pewdiepie and noticed he was using a compact to film all his vlog parts and then I paused it to see it was the camera. This showed me how great the quality of the video and audio was. (video showing the quality of the video) The lens its self is set at f/1.8-f/2.8 which means it works well in dark lighting which is good news for me considering most of photography I do normally is in the dark unless its a portrait/cosplay shoot where its best to be done in high key lighting or outside during the day. I read quite a few reviews before finally settling on getting this camera and I’m so glad I did. I’ve only had it just over a week and I’ve been trying to use it any chance I’ve been able to.

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The above photos were all taken at the Industrial museum in Bradford, there was a steampunk market event going off and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to test the camera in different kinds of lighting.

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