12/03/16 – Meet up

This weekend me and my sister helped one of my friends co-host a meet, our job mostly involved us staying at the back of the group and making sure nobody strayed from the group. We also had to make sure when the host of the group left that we kept an eye on those who remained in the park. All in all the meet went well up until a man who was clearly under the influence of something decided to approached the group and scared one of the new comers but luckily enough the host of the group had sorted out a different location with a other group in the museum.

In the pictures below me and my sister are cosplaying as Dipper & Mabel Pines from gravity falls.

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While the group was moving from the park to the museum  we stopped in another park park area and there was these lovely flowers so I quickly got my camera out of my bag before we had to move along and managed to capture the shots below.

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This is the size of the group before we joined with the Leeds cosplay group in the museum space they rented out. The main host of the group is the guy at the back who made me and my sibling co-host badges.


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