Make up photo shoot 2

On Wednesday I got asked to do a shoot sometime in the same week so I booked it straight after the session that day for Friday.

I asked Roanne what kind of lighting she was looking for on the images,she told me she wanted ” something that looked a little harrowing, not much light at the sides, but like a spotlight on the face” I then asked her if she could find any images with the kind of thing she would be looking for so I could get a better idea and then she found this image and chose the bottom left.

photo examples

This is my final lighting set up as you can see it is a single light with flags/black card all around to absorb the light and to create that dark background we were looking for in the example image.  Before settling on this set up we tried multiple different ways of lighting like to lights on either side of the subject facing forwards towards my camera with the light bouncing back off a white card reflector but this caused light flare as the lights were facing directly at the camera lens. We then moved two black card reflectors just in front of the lights, this helped a little bit but the background was still light.


Image taken on my Canon G7X compact camera

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1/125 sec    f/16    ISO: 100

Quite a few of the images are very similar but that’s so Roanne can choose her favourites out of them.

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