London trip(30-31 March)

Me,my sister & our friend had been planning  a trip to London for a while now, mostly for my sister go to the museums for research for her art project. We all got up at 3:30 AM to make sure we were ready and packed up everything we needed. We got the coach from Bradford at 5 AM and then arrived in London at 11. After getting the tube from Victoria, the first placed we visited was the Natural History Museum.

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The Museum was really busy, probably because its the holidays. The queue to get in took forever but once we were inside we were able to get around pretty easily and able to see all of the exhibits which my sister needed to see for her art research.

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It was difficult to take decent photos of the subjects behind glass without getting reflections from either the camera itself or the people stood. The dinosaur area was a lot darker compared to the area where the animals were being shown, it was a really interesting place to walk around.

Once we left the museum my sisters anxiety started to become a large problem to her and it didn’t help that she didn’t eat properly that morning, so after I got her an ice cream (It was the only thing she would eat) we decided to head to the hotel so we could empty out our bags. Knowing we checked in and she was able to not carry a heavy bag around all day seemed to help my sister. We decided to head back out and hit the shop after discussing the plans for the evening.

Baker street tube station

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We came across a toy shop and my friend is a huge fan of Lego so when she saw there was a giant hulkbuster from Avengers in the entrance we had to go in there. The shop was called “The Toy Store” I believe. At the back end of the store there was an huge star wars section, they had some of the characters made out of Lego in sealed cases and replicas of R2-D2 and a storm trooper which you were able to get photos with. They had huge replicas of other famous characters too such as Optimus Prime from transformers, there was also a Batman vs Superman display.

Later on after visiting the Disney store we headed to china town, it was beautiful and full of lots of restaurants. It smelled so good but it was so expensive but we looked around the entire area, it had these beautiful Chinese gates on the entrances.

Later on in the evening we headed to Trafalgar square as our friend had never seen it in the dark and wanted to see how different it looked compared to in the day and we decided to look at the usual tourist attractions later on in the evening as we are used to seeing them in the day. It was still quite busy even though it was later on in the day and I expected it to have calmed off. The fountain looked beautiful especially with the light coming out from the middle. The sky was this wonderful blue-purple colour and the clouds were pink with darker purple areas.

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We also stumbled across the London eye as we were heading to see the Clock Tower/Big Ben, we didn’t realise how close we were to the River Thames.

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We ventured off to see the Tower Bridge and The Shard. They were both lit up which caused beautiful reflections on the water.This was the last  place we visited that night before heading to the hotel, we were supposed to get an early night. That didn’t happen.

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After taking all those photos and recording little clips throughout the day, my camera ran out of battery so the image bellow was the only photo I was able to take before it died. I didn’t expect it to die so quickly as it told me it was full but I had been using quite a lot so its understandable.


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