Snow white – minimalist/spot colour

Contact sheets:

Before the shoot I had my subject polish/shine the apple while I was setting up my camera, the apple then became so shiny that it reflected the background as well as my subjects finger tips.


These are two examples of what I want to achieve from my images, Everything to be in black and white but then have one or 2 things in colour. These are the same image, I just cropped the landscape image down to make it portrait and worked on it a bit more than the landscape image. Out of the two I prefer the portrait image because there’s less negative space which allows you to focus on the subject.


To create this image, I made a duplicate of the original image and turned it black and white before using the eraser tool and carefully drawing around the outside of the apple and lips, I’m sure there is a much easier way to do it but its what I’m used to doing. After I did this I noticed that due to the apple being so shiny that it had reflected the background and finger tips and the lips had a blue tint so to remove this I made another layer in between the black and white and original colour layer and used the brush tool and selected a red colour not too far off from an area on the apple and then went over the apple and lips and changed the layer type to colour. I also used the healing brush tool to remove some of my subjects moles (I never usually would) to try make the skin look as pure white as possible like the character has in the cartoon.


These are two other example images made in the same way as the image above, I think the apple looks better in these images but I prefer the posing in the above image.

DSC_0004edut copy

This is the final image I chose for the snow white inspired images. My subjects skin was blurred using the blur tool as it allowed for the skin to look more even and covered up areas where the make up had faded. The background was made white and the saturation was removed from the coat. The blue highlights on the apple & lips were covered up using the brush tool on a hue layer.

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