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Source: http://www.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/the-amazing-art-that-is-minimalist-photography-39-examples/

The Amazing Art That Is Minimalist Photography – 39 Examples

Contrary to what it may seem at a first glance, minimalism in photography is open to a lot of creativity, while, of course, the rules of minimalism are applied. The less is more phrase doesn’t exist for nothing, in photography it means that the whole attention is brought towards the subject of the photo, without various elements in the photo which would distract the viewer from the center of attention.

Taking photos that would be in the minimalist photography category is not that easy. The elements that are put into the photo must be kept to a minimum, but the ones that are present should be significant to the overall idea and symbolism of the photo.

If you are interested in minimalist photography, you can take a look at these 39 examples for inspiration so you can see how other photographers managed to create this type of photography.






Temporäre Kunsthalle – Berlin


(More examples on website)

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