Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6)

Character: Hiro Hamada

Franchise: Big Hero 6

Hiro Hamada is the protagonist of Disney’s 2014 animated feature film, Big Hero 6. He is the founder and leader of Big Hero 6, a team of young superheroes whose goal is to protect the city of San Fransokyo.He is based on Hiro Takachiho from the Marvel comic of the same name.

Despite his bold nature, Hiro has a much softer side to him, as he’s shown to sometimes be rather shy in front of crowds and during the process of making new friends, as well as socially awkward at times. Even so, he is very compassionate, which, in the beginning, is mostly seen when dealing with his older brother Tadashi who, despite his brotherly nagging, holds a special place in Hiro’s heart as the latter’s best friend and inspiration. When with Tadashi, Hiro’s true colours emerge, showing him to be free-spirited, innocently sassy, warm and ultimately very loving and appreciative. Such aspects wouldn’t be seen again until the void left by Tadashi’s demise is eventually filled by the lovable Baymax, who cares for Hiro in the same sense, forming a strong companionship. (source)

These are the two images I started off with, the image of my subject cosplaying Hiro and a photo of my Baymax figure. I tried to make sure I shot them in similar lighting in the same location so that they blended together easier.

(please see captions)


This is how the final image looks. I’m quite happy with how this image has turned out, I think the posing of my subject works well and the fact Baymax is there takes it back from being too realistic but it looks just real enough to work for this image. I think the shading really helps make it look like baymax is in the environment and not just placed into the image.


After some feedback I Added some more shadows onto my subjects hoody where there would be shadows cast from Baymax.

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