Kaede Kayano

Kaede Kayano: Kayano is one of the more passive members of the class. She frequently acts as support in assassination attempts with her ability to assess the situation and herself. She experiences a severe complex when it comes to sex appeal, usually loudly voicing her discomfort when being around large breasted women. Despite her apparent passive nature, she’s a kind and cheerful person who’s also very strong willed and extremely devoted to things that interest her.

Kayano is a girl with a short stature. She has a little frame, hazel eyes, and green hair which is always fashioned in unique, cat ear-styled pigtails.  (source)

These are my favourite 8 images from the shoot.







To create the bellow image I erased the area between the bars on the image and edited in the photo of the sky, I tried to use a sunset sky but it didn’t work with the lighting on the image so I decided to stick with a bright blue sky. To darken the bars over the window I used the burn tool, I used it slightly on the bricks too as well as on my subjects shoe to darken the highlight. Burn tool was also used on the highlighted area on my subjects blazer.To remove orange tip on the gun I used a saturation layer and drew over the area using the brush tool.



I personally haven’t seen Assassination classroom so I asked my model what it was about and what I could include in my images to make it more associated with the show. The teacher of the anime is very distinguisable because of the way he looks. I asked my artist if they could could draw him up to be used in the background of my images.

This is how the final image looks, as you can see the drawing was placed in the window and faded down to make it appear like he is inside and looking out at his student. I asked my model which pose was most approriate for the character out of the ones I edited and they said this one.

DSC_0076 edit

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