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This link leads to a site which gives advice on how to go about becoming a freelance photographer. The website also includes the sort of skills you will need to become a freelance photographer such as motivation, organisation and your knowledge of accounting. It basically covers the basics you will need to know when turning to freelance work.

This would be important for me to consider because of the way that live music photography works, you’re either selling your work to press, to the band themselves for them to use or the fans.


This link leads to a PDF version of the Beyond the lens book by AOP, it allows you to see some of the  contents of the book.


This article talks about the experience a photographer had shooting his first show and getting their first photo pass. They talk about how at first they started shooting bands they listened to mostly before branching out to shot anything they thought would make for good photography to help build up a portfolio. At the bottom of the article they include the gear they use and where to buy it.

this is helpful as it talks about how they went about getting their photo pass and how they went about expanding their range of work. Everyone I’ve researched seems to be using the same lens (Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8) and after doing some research into the lens I think that’s the next lens I will be after purchasing.


This article basically clears up that you as the photographer own the copyright of your images unless you sign a contract stating otherwise even though your images are of bands.


This article talks about when Bonnie Schiffman filed a copyright lawsuit against rod stewart as he misused and image she took.  The article states the facts of when Schiffman made the image and what the image was and how they have used it.


This article is about the same case as before but goes into more detail and includes the image which they have misused.

These articles relate to my work as I might be in the same position at some point where a band/singer just take my image without my permission and use it however they want.


This article talks about how two bands found themselves in heated exchanges with photographers. The first band, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus used a photograph taken of the bands guitarist on their facebook page and when the photographer found out he demanded that they removed the image. The band then said that the photographer had “no legal claim as the photo is credited and not posted for monetary gain and features our likeness and image”. The band eventually back-pedalled and posted a separate update which said “we believe all art forms should be free” with this update they announced they were making their discography free. (its true, I got all their albums for free) It then goes on to talk about more cases where bands have treated photographers badly such as only paying £1 for the rights to photographers work but also talks about a band which stood up for photographers.

This links back to my work as it gives me an idea of the kinds of situations a photographer in this line of work can find themselves in.


This article talks about image licensing and what licensing your images actually means for you.







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