Pen tool

image for pentool cutout

We were given the task to cut out this toy gun using the pen tool on photoshop.


This was my first time cutting out using the pen tool, I don’t think it went to bad considering, there’s still a little bit white around the outside of the blue.


I then moved what I already cut out over onto a new canvas and then used the pen tool once more to cut out what was left around the trigger and changed the background to a bright colour so I was able to notice areas I had left white around.

BA Photo 20093

The above image is the original, I cut out the chair using pen tool and placed on a white background, without the shadowing under the chair it appears like it is floating.


For this image I used the gradient tool to create the background and used a diamon shape tool below the layer which the chair is on to create a shadow and lowered the opacity. After that I used gaussian blur to make the shadows edges look so sharp.

chair 2


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