Star Wars: force awakens

Out of the images I took I settled on these two images on being my favourite out of the lot.

To make the lightsaber look more like the ones seen in the movie instead of just a glowing tube of light I added a red glow around the outside using the brush tool in photoshop. I used to brush to go over the top of the lightsaber and then used gaussian blur and duplicated the layer after lowering the fill % of the layers. I then used the eraser tool on the red which was on top of the lightsaber.

The image bellow is the image I have chosen as my final image from this set. I like the lighting on my subject as it really allows you to see the patterns on the fabric the subject is wearing. The way that the image drops off into the background is also another thing I like about this image, it gives the feel that my subject has just emerged from the darkness.



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