Guardians of the Galaxy poster

To create the below image I cropped down the original image to make it portrait instead of landscape like the image was originally. I duplicated the image and moved it on top of the original image and converted it to black and white, I then duplicated the original image again and then increased the saturation. The pattern from the shirt was coming through to try and remove the pattern I used the patch tool. To bring out the colour on the black and white top layer I erased the sections on the image where I wanted the colour to come through. I chose the tape and the orange padding on the headphones to be the sections in colour because I felt like they would be the key props on the image. I hoped that they would lead people to automatically to know which movie it would be as they were quite key things to Peter Quills (Star-Lord) character. I felt that I left the jacket in colour it would have been too much and I wanted the tape to be the main focus of the image.





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