Final images

These are my chosen final images.

I like how these images all have hints to which movie they’re trying to get across without giving away too much information about the movies themselves.

DSC_0004edut copy

With this image In tried to create a very typical looking snow white image. I like how this image turned out mostly because of the apple and how bright it is in the center of the image it draws your eyes directly too it before you are able to take in the rest of the image. I also like how pale my subjects skin looks in this image much like the characters complexion in the Disney movie. If I was to re-do the image I might have added pink to her cheeks to add the light blush the character had in the films.  


This image is based on the movie Black Swan, in some of the images for the movie the main characters eyes look fully black with a red iris so I felt like I should replicate this in my own images but change the make up. I felt that doing a swan as the make up instead of that what can be seen in the movie, the swan make up design is mostly based on a minimal poster design I found based on the movie.  I like how working in black and white has really made the red of the iris stand out. 


This image is based on the movie clockwork orange, when I was doing research on this I came across an image of a cartoon with only one eye on show with a thick black cog-like shape around it and a bowler hat. I want to create something similar in my photography but also include another detail such as the braces. I made the eye black to be like the cartoon eye, I was thinking about making the eye look like a clock but I felt like that might be too much. The background is orange like in the cartoon image just to help get across the orange from the title of the movie. I like this design because of how well the black and white works with the bright orange background. 


I’m unsure if this image works well with the others as my entire subject is in colour where as in the other images only parts of my subject have been in colour. I like this image because of how well my my edit to the lightsaber has come out and how the subject is encased in darkness with only the one area of light on them. If I wanted to show they had some light in them I would have used a colour layer and drawn over an area of my subject in blue. The lightsaber I have used should indicate that this image is about the newest star wars movie: The Force Awakens as it is Kylo Ren’s saber. As you can see in the below gif image the lighting on kylos face is mostly red with a slight white-blue tint, some people believe that this indicates that he still has some light in him. 



This might be the hardest one for people to get which movie I was trying to get across. This image is based on the posters for Rocky Horror Picture Show. If I could do this image again I would have made sure my subject had more room so I could have the legs further apart and would have had them bite their lip to replicate that which is seen on the movie posters originally. I first thought about adding text to the image but I feel that would have taken away from the simplistic image I was trying to achieve. 


I like how this image turned out mostly because of how much your eyes are drawn to the points I have left in colour. I chose the tape and headphones to be in colour as I felt they were important to the character Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. He is one of the main characters from the movie and I thought using these props would be my best bet to get people to know which movie I was aiming to get across. I still feel that if I left the jacket in colour it would have been too much and it wouldn’t really achieve the look I was going for. 


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