Studio Practice 2B research links

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This article talks about cosplayers reason for cosplaying and how cosplaying has helped them as it allows them to be part of a community who share interests similar to theres. It also talks about how cosplay is used as a way to escape from their normal lives as well as how far some people go to make sure that their cosplay is as accurate as possible

This article talks about the fact that some conventions have had to include a harassment policy in their handouts to remind people how to behave at a convention after multiple people have spoke out in different ways about how they have been effected while on the con floor such as the photographer who took photos of cosplayers butts.

This article looks into the reasons why people cosplay and how they started off.

This article looks into people talking about times they have been harassed at conventions and how they have dealt with it.

This article looks into why people cosplay as well as looking into harassment in cosplay and the way some cosplayers have been treated. (updated version of the previous link)

This article looks deeper into the issues of sexual harassment

This article was really interesting to read as it talked about location spotting and how a model should prep for a shoot such as doing research on their characters poses and how they shouldn’t pose and how to create interesting images.

This website has a lot information on cosplay photographers and features different photographers and their work, it allows you to get a look at how their styles vary event though its very much the same kind of subject they are photographing.

This article shows one case where someone cosplayed a character of colour and faced backlash because of it and got accused of whitewashing the character even though her skin colour was a natural tan but they looked over her cosplays where she had lightened her skin for characters. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with people altering their skin colour for cosplays as most of the time they mean no harm and are doing it to replicate the character as accurately as they can.

This article looks into if altering skin colour in cosplay is racism or not and look into different cases where people have altered their skin colour.

This article is from a black female point of view talking about her experience cosplaying and how people have responded to her cosplays.



External OPS 

Range of competitions to enter and a range of prizes.

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Cosplay photography competiton with the theme “All aboard”
“If you can use it to travel, use it! Planes, trains, automobiles, boats, even spaceships!!”

Deadline 31st May

This is a competition for live music photographers, you have to pay to enter.

Cosplay edits examples

I’m not too sure about how much they’ve editing they’ve done on this image and the original image has one of the models positioned oddly so that there is a chunk missing from their hoody when they cut them out as it was blocked by a railing. I also think they went a little excessive with the overlayers and filters they have used, the shading appears a little off to me also.

This video shows some really nice looking edits of cosplay images, it allows you to see the sorts of filters and layering they have done to achieve the final images.

These edits are amazing and interesting to see how much work has gone into creating them.

Photographer research: Cornelia Gillmann

All images on this post belong to Cornelia Gillmann


photo: Cornelia Gillmann – Photography
cosplay: Isaku
assist: Markus Chrastecky


photo: Cornelia Gillmann – Photography
assist: Markus Chrastecky
cosplay: Steelcrow Cosplay


photo: Cornelia Gillmann – Photography
assist: Markus Chrastecky
cosplay: lovely Yui Cosplay


photo: Cornelia Gillmann – Photography
cosplay: Gaige by Lux Cosplay
Maya by Melenea

Photographer research: Shiro Ang

All photos on this post belong to Shiro Ang

Photo assistant - Arai Krul Tepes - Alexia Faye Line Qiao Yi

Photographer: Shiro Ang

Photo asssitant: Arai 

Krul Tepes: AlexiaFaye


Photographer: Shiro Ang

Photo assistants: Marcus Montague, Jonathan Koh, Etine Kyra, Poka Cosplayer

Harley Quinn: Pion of CSL.official


Photographer: Shiro Ang Photography
Photo Assistant: Sihan Chen
Ryuko Matoi: Onnies


Photography: Shiro Ang Photography
Photo Assistants: Marcus Montague, Etine Kyra
Hestia: Onnies

Darth Revan – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Revan is a fictional character in BioWare’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game. The character may be either male or female, though Revan is canonically male and follows the game’s light-side path. The player’s choice of a male or female Revan changes only which characters the player character can fall in love with (as well as slightly altering the way some characters act towards the player). Revan’s story is further explored in Drew Karpyshyn’s 2011 novella Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan. The book details the events of Revan’s life after the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, in which Revan attempts to recover his lost memories from the period of the Mandalorian Wars and from his and Malak’s travels to discover the Sith empire. (Source)

In quite a few of the images I saw when I googled Darth Revan the images had a warm orange-purple tint to them so I tried to achieve a similar look in my images.
Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

To create the final image on the right I changed the colour balance on the mid tones, highlights and shadows to change the background, I then used the eraser to erase the colour cast on my subject. I then duplicated the original layer so I could change the colour balance again to make the outfit have a warmer colour cast on it. To create the lightsaber I used the brush tool to create a red line, I then duplicated the layer and increased the lightness to change it to white and then used Gaussian Blur, I then did the same with the red layer but increased the amount of blur and then duplicated the layer to increase how bright the red came through.

To create the image on the right I did the same as before, changing the colour balance on the image to add a colour cast to the background and then using the eraser over my subject before duplicating the original image again and changing the colour balance on my subject to make her outfit appear to have a purple-red cast. The lightsaber was created the same was as the first image, using the brush too and then gaussian blur and layering up the layers to increase/decrease the opacity.

Kaneki Ken + contact sheets

“Ken Kaneki (金木 研, Kaneki Ken) is the protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re.

Formerly, he was a human studying Japanese Literature at Kamii University and living a normal life. However, everything soon changed after he had Rize Kamishiro’s kakuhou transplanted into him and became a one-eyed ghoul. After joining Anteiku as part-time waiter, he learned how to live as a ghoul and became known as Eyepatch (眼帯, Gantai).

After being captured by Aogiri Tree, he underwent a drastic personality change, forming a team with the goal of protecting the ones precious to him and exterminating people who threatened the place he belonged to. Because of his Kakuja‘s distinct appearance, the CCG gave him the nicknameCentipede (百足, Mukade)”

This cosplay is based on the outfit which Kaneki wore when he was fighting the ghoul Jason.(video) As you can see in the video his outfit is a black shirt and white shorts which are what my subject is wearing. Finding a location similar to that which is seen in the video was quite difficult but then we found this wall in a car park and it worked quite well for my images. In the video Kaneki isn’t wearing the mask but the mask is why he is the ghoul known as “Eyepatch”.

“His ghoul mask resembles a leather gimp mask with an eye patch. It bears a lipless mouth that shows large, gnashing teeth, much like restrained asylum monster. The bolts sticking out of his neck and the fact that he is an artificial ghoul remind a Frankenstein theme.” (source)

I wanted my images to have Kaneki’s Kagune adding into them to add more context to my images, the kagune is also quite important to Kaneki’s character after his dramatic change of personality as well as hair colour  (black to white) after being tortured by Jason.

step 1step 2step 3

Here are two versions of the final image, the image on the left has had its colour balance changed to increase the blue & cyan of the image which has caused a blue colour cast on the image, I was trying to achieve a blue hint to the background like it is in the video clip. However I prefer the image on the right which hasn’t had any changes done to it as I like the fact the background has a red-ish tint to it which works well with the added in Kagune.


This is the image with only the background having the blue tint to it and the subject being the same as the original as the blue washed out the skin tone too much. As a result it has made the hair blend into the background so they subject isn’t defined from the background which has resulted in the image looking flat. The blue background also makes it appear that the subject of my image was just placed on top as they look out of place.