Guardians of the Galaxy poster

To create the below image I cropped down the original image to make it portrait instead of landscape like the image was originally. I duplicated the image and moved it on top of the original image and converted it to black and white, I then duplicated the original image again and then increased the saturation. The pattern from the shirt was coming through to try and remove the pattern I used the patch tool. To bring out the colour on the black and white top layer I erased the sections on the image where I wanted the colour to come through. I chose the tape and the orange padding on the headphones to be the sections in colour because I felt like they would be the key props on the image. I hoped that they would lead people to automatically to know which movie it would be as they were quite key things to Peter Quills (Star-Lord) character. I felt that I left the jacket in colour it would have been too much and I wanted the tape to be the main focus of the image.





Pen tool

image for pentool cutout

We were given the task to cut out this toy gun using the pen tool on photoshop.


This was my first time cutting out using the pen tool, I don’t think it went to bad considering, there’s still a little bit white around the outside of the blue.


I then moved what I already cut out over onto a new canvas and then used the pen tool once more to cut out what was left around the trigger and changed the background to a bright colour so I was able to notice areas I had left white around.

BA Photo 20093

The above image is the original, I cut out the chair using pen tool and placed on a white background, without the shadowing under the chair it appears like it is floating.


For this image I used the gradient tool to create the background and used a diamon shape tool below the layer which the chair is on to create a shadow and lowered the opacity. After that I used gaussian blur to make the shadows edges look so sharp.

chair 2

Star Wars: force awakens

Out of the images I took I settled on these two images on being my favourite out of the lot.

To make the lightsaber look more like the ones seen in the movie instead of just a glowing tube of light I added a red glow around the outside using the brush tool in photoshop. I used to brush to go over the top of the lightsaber and then used gaussian blur and duplicated the layer after lowering the fill % of the layers. I then used the eraser tool on the red which was on top of the lightsaber.

The image bellow is the image I have chosen as my final image from this set. I like the lighting on my subject as it really allows you to see the patterns on the fabric the subject is wearing. The way that the image drops off into the background is also another thing I like about this image, it gives the feel that my subject has just emerged from the darkness.


Studio Practice 2B research links

All paper research:!6626&authkey=!ALmmPid-EjvtwtE&ithint=folder%2cjpg

This article talks about cosplayers reason for cosplaying and how cosplaying has helped them as it allows them to be part of a community who share interests similar to theres. It also talks about how cosplay is used as a way to escape from their normal lives as well as how far some people go to make sure that their cosplay is as accurate as possible

This article talks about the fact that some conventions have had to include a harassment policy in their handouts to remind people how to behave at a convention after multiple people have spoke out in different ways about how they have been effected while on the con floor such as the photographer who took photos of cosplayers butts.

This article looks into the reasons why people cosplay and how they started off.

This article looks into people talking about times they have been harassed at conventions and how they have dealt with it.

This article looks into why people cosplay as well as looking into harassment in cosplay and the way some cosplayers have been treated. (updated version of the previous link)

This article looks deeper into the issues of sexual harassment

This article was really interesting to read as it talked about location spotting and how a model should prep for a shoot such as doing research on their characters poses and how they shouldn’t pose and how to create interesting images.

This website has a lot information on cosplay photographers and features different photographers and their work, it allows you to get a look at how their styles vary event though its very much the same kind of subject they are photographing.

This article shows one case where someone cosplayed a character of colour and faced backlash because of it and got accused of whitewashing the character even though her skin colour was a natural tan but they looked over her cosplays where she had lightened her skin for characters. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with people altering their skin colour for cosplays as most of the time they mean no harm and are doing it to replicate the character as accurately as they can.

This article looks into if altering skin colour in cosplay is racism or not and look into different cases where people have altered their skin colour.

This article is from a black female point of view talking about her experience cosplaying and how people have responded to her cosplays.


External OPS 

Range of competitions to enter and a range of prizes.

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Cosplay photography competiton with the theme “All aboard”
“If you can use it to travel, use it! Planes, trains, automobiles, boats, even spaceships!!”

Deadline 31st May

This is a competition for live music photographers, you have to pay to enter.

Photographer research: Whitex photography


Model: Blossom of Faelivrin
MUA: Kia Monroe Make Up & More
Photo/Retouch: WhiteX Photography


Model, Costumemod: Blossom of Faelivrin
MUA: Kia Monroe Make Up & More
Photo/Retouch: WhiteX Photography
Wig: styled by Lenia Cosplay
Costume: Cosplaysky Kostüm


Harley: Blossom of Faelivrin, Jasmin Addams, Blog/DA:
MUA: Kia Monroe Make Up & More
Photo/Retouch: WhiteX Photography


Maleficent: Blossom of Faelivrin
Diaval: Yao Cosplay
MUA: Kia Monroe Make Up & More
Photo/Retouch: WhiteX Photography

Photographer research: Cornelia Gillmann

All images on this post belong to Cornelia Gillmann


photo: Cornelia Gillmann – Photography
cosplay: Isaku
assist: Markus Chrastecky


photo: Cornelia Gillmann – Photography
assist: Markus Chrastecky
cosplay: Steelcrow Cosplay


photo: Cornelia Gillmann – Photography
assist: Markus Chrastecky
cosplay: lovely Yui Cosplay


photo: Cornelia Gillmann – Photography
cosplay: Gaige by Lux Cosplay
Maya by Melenea

Mickey on Meth by Jessica Gates (creator of the clothes)

I collaborated with a graphics student on wednesday to take some fashion images (The fashion was produced by the fashion students) for their magazine they were making, I was mostly there to help set up lights and go over health and safety in the studio but I was also allowed to take some images for myself. These are just 2 examples of the sorts of images I was able to take.