Night Photography.2

I went out and redid the night photography shoot we did at the beginning to see how far I have come since then. I used the same location and the same lens. Leeds had some kind of faire going off because of the ice rink meaning that there was a lot of different lighting there.

DSC_0224 resized

I like this image because of the way I have been able to capture the lights reflection on the floor, another thing I like is how the lights in trees look like glowing orbs rather than just little LED lights. It took me several attempts to get this image because it was in a busy area of Leeds and people kept walking into my shot just as I had it perfectly lined up. 

DSC_0239 resized

I like this image because of how the light is catching on the metal on the swing and the slight colour cast it has from the lights above which were blue and were constantly changing and doing different patterns. I also like how I have been able to catch the rules of the ride but you are unable to read them. 

DSC_0249 resized

DSC_0256_1 resized

This is my favourite image I took because of the way I have been able to capture the moment when the light at the side of the image when it started to change from green to red. I use the clone tool to remove any distractions in the background like street lights and the rides beams which were directly on the side of it. 

DSC_0257 resized

These images are very similar but I liked them both so I’ve decided to include them both because they have their differences.In the above image the background appears lighter and I managed to get the screen in the background which is a little distracting and next time I should probably aim to avoid it. In the below image the background appears darker and in this image I don’t have the screen in as I have shot the image from a different angle, I like the lighting on the side of the subject as it brings out the scales on the dragon ride more. I’m still unsure on where the dragons eyes actually are as they’re not very clear.

DSC_0262 resized

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